Zenbership Membership Software

I am thrilled to announce that work on Zenbership v2 has began! The process will be ongoing for some time, but you can follow along with the progress here.

What is Zenbership?

Zenbership is a 100% free, open source membership CRM platform, designed to provide a central hub helping online businesses & organizations acquire, monetize, and retain members.


Membership Software Meets CRM

Zenbership comes equipped with a CRM designed specifically for membership websites. Customize your database parameters and seamlessly convert contacts into members! Establish custom membership levels and automate registrations.

eCommerce & Subscriptions

With subscription management, invoicing, and a full shopping cart, Zenbership allows you to monetize your memberships and content in multiple ways. Bring your own payment gateway, with one-click activation for presets like Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net.

Marketing and Engagement

Never stop growing with tools to not only help you acquire new members, but retain your existing ones. Drip & double opt-in e-mail campaigns, social media integration, source tracking, and custom report building are all standard in the software.

Beautiful Event Management

Whether you're throwing online or offline events, Zenbership's event management tools allow you to create beautiful event pages all without needing to write a line of code. Easily track attendance, set up flexible pricing options, and communicate with attendees.

...among hundreds more features. Download and start using the application today to see why it has been a leading name in membership management for over 8 years!

System Requirements

PHP 5.3+ (PDO_MySQL, mcrypt, php curl, "Magic Quotes" need to be turned off) and MySQL 5+. Zenbership is optimized for linux servers and has not been tested on windows.

Note that while the software will still run on most servers, support and updates for the product have been suspended since 2018. As of March 2020, there are no plans continue development on the software.